And yet a second video clip in as many days!  And once again a vote of thanks to our York '52 classmate, Carroll Knight, for making this possible.                        

This clip, being double the size of the first found @ , please allow even more time for this 10-minute        video clip of York '52's 55th Reunion to load.  And when it does, the video clip will begin playing automatically without you having to prompt it by hitting the 'play button' on the Windows Media Player immediately below. Again, loading time of this video clip will vary from one computer to the next depending on your Internet Connection         Speed. This video clip in its original AVI format is a whopping 381 MB ... and that is way too big to expect even high speed Internet users to load.  Soooo, once again I      compressed this 10-minute segment into a file of type WMV--- and this too was converted into Microsoft Zune Best Quality, 320 X 240 @ 1112 kbps .  The resulting     WMV version of this 10-minute video clip is still a fairly reasonable 86 MB.                                                                                                                                              
And. like my first attempt, I was unable to dub-in my own sound clip--- a MPEG layer-3 faded version of Hans Zimmer's 'You're So Cool' from the soundtrack of the  motion picture, 'True Romance' --- into the video itself, which of course also has it's own live sound track.  And, just as I did in the first video clip, I embedded this        subdued music into my presentation even while the video clip first loads, then plays. Because the sound from the video clip is barely audible, due to the distance              between our classmates in the procession and the camera's microphone, I have scaled down the volume of my sound clip immensely.  Still, if you listen ever so carefully, or turn your computer's sound volume up, you should begin hearing my music even before the video clip begins to play.  Feel free to adjust the volume control            on either your own computer or on the Windows Media Player below --- for the music will always remain as background to the foreground sound                   emanating from the video itself.   And when you do begin hearing my barely audible music first, followed by the video's sound bytes, my music will play                        continuously throughout this presentation --- long after the 10-minute video clip plays itself out --- for the music loops through infinitely --- whereas the video clip  does not.  Soooo, to play the video clip a second time...or perhaps even a third time... you will have to hit the 'play button' on the Windows Media Player to re-play the    video clip from its beginning.                                                                                                                                                                                                                               
----------- ENJOY... and please be patient, giving this video clip time to load ... and when it does ...  it will begin playing automatically and without further prompting:
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