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"You Are My Sunshine"                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                          
My family at Christmastime, 2007 :--- Barbara Allen Drews, Denver, CO (Please listen to my conversation with Carroll Knight below) 
L to R: Christmas Eve at Grandma's---that's me with the lei, which my granddaughter, Sarah, brought home from Hawaii, and I am standing next to my grandson, Kurt in the red sweater.  Then it's granddaughter, Sarah, who is my daughter Peggy's middle child, standing next to grandson     Matthew and his sister (my granddaughter) Krista, both of whom are my son Steve's two children.  And then in the middle, Sarah is holding Peggy's oldest daughter Heather's two kids--- Alicia (3) and Alexis (8), who are my great grandchildren.  It's a family tradition to have Christmas Eve at Grandma's.      


<---At left is my daughter, Peggy,
 with her cheery Christmas sweater and such beautiful flowers
         as these--- orchids all !        
And here am I (below) talking with Carroll Knight, York '52,
in December, 2007

And I leave you with this Christmas tune ---
'Christmas Lullaby'