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               Mary VanArsdel  singing 'Feed the Birds' --- first sung by                      
        Julie Andrews in the motion picture, 'Mary Poppins' ,                                 
       as she once sang this song to Michael and Jane...                                        
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At Left:--- The Rose Breasted Grossbeaks at our feeder last June .  The male is   

the colorful one...and the female is on the feeder too--- just to his right.                   


And then there are these...taken during a 6" inch snowfall on January 17, 2008. 


"Though her words are simple and few..." "Listen, listen, she's calling to you..." "Feed the birds, tuppence a bag..."  " 'Feed the birds,' that's what she cries..." "While overhead, her birds fill the skies..." "Come feed the little birds..." "Show them you care..."              "And you'll be glad if you do..."      "Although you can't see it..."      "You know they are smiling..." "...Each time someone shows that he cares..."
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