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Announcing the York High School Class of 1952's
 ~ Talent Search ~
upon the occasion of
the Class' 55th Reunion in October, 2007

Keith Achepohl...A showing of his works 


Coming Soon... 


 John Bartmann...Trumpet extraordinaire

performing ________ with the Queen City

Jazz Band.................................................


Coming Soon... 

H. Bruce Downey...A would-be writer of

novels.  Here's an excerpt from what will be

his first and only novel (still unfinished):---

"Raisins and Almonds---A Civil War Story"


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For a synopsis of Bruce's story,

point to and click ---> "here"  

For a video clip of Bruce reading an excerpt 

from his story, point to and click:

---> "These Men of Libby"

NOTE: Please be patient with this, as buffering
may become a problem the first time through.
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Marilyn Hersey a reading from

her book on "The Hersey Family"


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Carroll Knight...Performing a song first introduced

in the motion picture, A.I. Artificial Intelligence.

The song is titled, "For Always" --- music by

John Williams, Lyrics by Cynthia Weil. Carroll sings

this song in the style of Josh Groban. To hear

Carroll sing this song on your own computer's media

player, point to and click on the link below:---

Carroll Sings For Always

Use 'up' arrow to back-up
Use 'down' arrow to advance


Carroll Knight...again...this time performing a song

from the motion picture version of the Broadway play,

"Picnic."  Here Carroll assumes the role of William

Holden, as he dances with co-star, Kim Novak, in a

classic scene from this 1950's movie, as Carroll sings

his rendition of "Moonglow".  Come hear Carroll, and

also see a video clip taken directly from the movie

itself.  Just slide on over to the photo at the right

and click on it  ------------------------------------------------------>


Just point to and click on picture to take you there...

Ralph Lane...An attorney and a musician

heard here conducting ___________

in a composition called______________ 



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Carolyne Larson Jordan...Professional

singer and teacher of voice, performing




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R. Milton a reading from his

first novel, _____________________



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And just who is this 'banjo man'  of ours? 

Well, his name is Carl Walt Swanson, York '52,
and Carl plays the banjo for the Boyton Street
String Band of Marion, IL.  And here he is in a
 taped concert.  In this video Carl is seated with
his banjo to the left of the band's guitar player.
NOTE: Please be patient with this, as buffering
may become a problem the first time through.





Wayne a reading from one

of his many textbooks on the Civil War.

Here's Wayne reading a passage from

his book, ________________



Coming Soon... 


Peter extraordinaire interviewed by Carroll Knight...about

his upcoming books, and about his very

first novel already published..."Love Storm".

For technical reasons having to do with file

size, the interview is presented here in

two separate segments.................................

Peter's upcoming novels:---

Point to and click on this link:-->  1st Peter 

Peter's published novel: "Love Storm"

Point to and click on this link:-->  2nd Peter 

including a short chapter read by Peter


Ralph 'Punky' a 'sing-a-long' with

some others of an old song, "Shanty Town"

Point to and click on this link:-->  Shanty Town 

Jane Swanson Keller...playing the organ

...a piece called ____________________ 


Coming Soon... 

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Class of '52's 'Slogans and Sayings' talent search 


Can we see 'Your Best Slogan or Saying' here?
"Enjoy all, for in the end, that's all there is." --- H. Bruce Downey
"None of us is as good as all of us." --- H. Bruce Downey
"There is no pride in love."  --- H. Bruce Downey
"As we turn our faces into the wind from all the personal tragedies that life lays across our path, despite our sorrows we are never alone, for what happens to the very least of us, happens to all of us." --- John Whitehead from "Raisins and Almonds --- A Civil War Story"
An old farmhouse here in southwest Virginia on a windy and snowy day in early February, 2008
submitted by H. Bruce Downey in the Class of '52's photographic talent search
Can we see 'Your Best Shot' here?
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