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FROM  H. Bruce Downey dated June, 2008:---


By 2012 none of us may be able to travel anywhere

due to gasoline prices and/or shortages, airline fuel

adjustments, and the like. But for $300 a day here's

what can currently be had for a one-bedroom villa

at a place called 'Valentines Resort and Marina'

on Harbour Island in the Bahamas throughout their

"low season' --- from September 1st through

November 30th.  Special group rates may be

negotiable.  'The Harbour' offers "truly pink

beaches, truly aquamarine water, and it's so

private, you'd think it was all yours."


The Bahamas are but a half-hour flight from the Ft.

Lauderdale/Miami airports.  For a preview, go to the

Valentines' website @ 

And here's a short video clip of Valentines that I put together for you

with music by Jimmy Buffett---'Margaritaville'  Pointing to the photo

will simply play the music...but pointing to and then clicking on the

photo will play this video on your own computer's default media player

for files of type "mpg"--- Enjoy!