Richard B. (Dick) Leonard, York '52
In this conversation between Dick Leonard and Carroll Knight, Dick remembers how dedicated our teachers were to us all at York H.S.--- especially Mrs. Larson, who, along with Ms. Howe, taught us all Latin.  And among other things, Dick expresses a latent interest in world history and in classical music, but without naming any specific piece of music as being his favorite.  And so, as a trailer to their conversation, I thought of Resphigi's 'The Pines of Rome'  or alternatively, some music from the Brad Pitt motion picture, Troy--- a movie that Dick mentions in his conversation with Carroll.  But that movie is so recent (2004) that does not yet have it.  And so, in the end, I choose this piece--- George Friderick Handel's, 'Julius Caesar'  as being representative of Dick's interview with Carroll.  Handel's 'Overture to Julius Caesar'  begins playing at about the 16-minute mark of Dick's and Carroll's conversation.  Listen for it.
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