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My name is Skyler Dakota  and I live in Myrtle Beach, SC.  I am now 1-year old.  My daddy is Shaun Downey  (now 19) and my mommy is Jade Hocutt (now 18).  My daddy dropped out of high school a couple of years ago and now delivers pizza.  My mommy spent my first year finishing high school and she now wants to go to the community college.  Nicky's mommy takes care of me every week day.  Nicky will soon be 4-years old and he is both my friend and my uncle ... but he's really more like the brother I will never have ... for my daddy does not live with my mommy and me, and never has.  I love my mommy.  I love Nicky ... and Nicky's mommy, too.  And I love my mommy's mommy--- for these are those who, in all their caring, have shown me what it means to love one another.    Mmm-wah!

And another big 'mmm-wah'  for a second great, soon to be.......









I have no name.  Not yet anyway.  "Why, I'm not even born yet! " And I won't be born until September 6th, 2007.  But if you look very carefully at my picture, I'm lying down, just resting now, with one eye open, and you can see my nose and lots of hair on the top of my head, and you can see maybe one or even both of my hands---but my right eye is wide open and I'm looking right at you!   My daddy is Shaun Downey (19) and my mommy is Cassie MacDonald (17).  My mommy got kicked out of her house by her father and so she went to live with my daddy, who was her friend.  The two of them lived in my daddy's room at his daddy's and mommy's house from January until May, 2007.  It was then that my granddaddy

got them both their own apartment so that we would have our own nice place to come home to whenever I am ready to be born.  My mommy and my daddy love me, for they have kept me safe--- so that even someone as tiny as I might someday have a life of my own to love them back.  "Though rich or poor I may be ... [I'll always be] ... In the Palm of Your Hand."   Mmm-wah!


Soon after Shaun and Cassie moved into their own place, the neighbors asked the landlord this question: "Do you rent to children?"  And she told them, "No---that Shaun was 19 and Cassie was 17!" ---both 'of age' in South Carolina.  Cassie works at a movie theatre at the Mall where she takes tickets.  Shaun delivers pizza at $5 an hour plus tips.  Some nights he makes as much as $250 in tips.  They have no bank account and keep all their cash piled up on a table in their bedroom.  Right now they make too much money to qualify for food stamps, but when baby makes three?  Shaun's responsibility is to pay the $600 monthly rent plus the monthly electric bill.  So far, Shaun has met his responsibilities--- to his father, who is a co-signer on both the lease and the power company contract ... and to Cassie, who carries their baby.  And the baby Cassie carries is destined to become Nancy's and my second great grandchild.

...Bruce***  ...trying to see the forest in spite of the trees