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 Logan Downey (9) won not just one, but two gold medals at the U.S. AAU National Diving Championships

 in Orlando, FL on July 24-29, 2007 

 In winning both springboard events, Logan is now the reigning 10-year old Boys 2007 U.S. National Diving Champion at both 1 and 3 meters!  Logan was behind after the preliminary round of the 3-meter event, but in the final round held later that very first day of competition, Logan blew right past the preliminary             leader--- a boy from San Antonio, TX.  And it was against a backdrop of dramatics as this that Logan Downey became the 2007 U.S. AAU National Diving Champion at 3- meters for 10-year old boys. Then, on the very next day in the 1-meter springboard event, Logan absolutely crushed the competition by a winning margin of 32      points!  And when Logan came out of the water following his very last dive, I saw one of the other diving coaches approach Logan, and while shaking his head back and         forth in disbelief at what at what he had just witnessed, he paused just long enough to say a few words to Logan and to shake his hand--- not just for Logan's obvious      win at 1-meter, but out of respect for the way  Logan had done it--- i.e., the degree of difficulty in Logan's dives and for his execution of them. Then, on the third      day --- there being no 5-meter platform event for either 9 or 10-year old boys--- Logan moved up to the Boys 11-and-Under 5-meter platform event--- finishing 6th      out of the twelve 11-year olds competing at 5-meters. 


Coach Paul Britefeller had been pointing Logan for these 2007 U.S. National Championships by concentrating on springboard dives having multiple degrees of difficulty.    Logan responded by "achieving his potential"  as Coach Paul put it just moments after Logan won his second gold medal in as many events.  But in the 5-meter platform    event, Logan simply didn't have this same degree of difficulty in his dives to contend for a medal against these 11-year olds--- but rest assured, for Logan will be     contending for yet another National Championship again next year--- when as a 10-year old I'm sure he'll be challenging those a year older than he at 1, 3, and 5-meters! 


 Meanwhile, in the girls competition, Skye Elyse Downey (11) pre-qualified for these same 2007 U.S. National Diving Championships ... but in only one event--- the Girls 11 and Under, 3-meter springboard.  While Skye did very well here, she just didn't match up well with her competition in these 2007 U.S. National Diving Championships ... but then, Skye is a swimmer first and foremost, and that's  really where Skye knows her future lies. 


 Even Caleb Downey (7), the youngest diver at these 2007 U.S. National Diving Championships, competed here ---finishing 9th in the 9-year old boys and under 3-  meter springboard and 13th in the 1-meter springboard event.  Still, the AAU gives medals to its top 10-finishers in every event, so Caleb came home with a medal too ! 

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