Just a few days after I sent you my story "O sisters, let's go down..." this "Your Best Shot" appeared in the "Current" New River Valley section of our newspaper,
The Roanoke Times.  This local award-winning photo depicts a real-time portrayal of the early to mid-19th century spiritual, "Down to the River to Pray"... so befitting of the Butch Baldassari (intro only) and The Muses' rendition playing 'ratch hyar 'n nah.'  Note too the use of the traditional white robes worn by all--- symbolic of the purity associated with such occasions as this. 
 I am currently working on a scene from 'Raisins and Almonds---A Civil War Story'  that features a scene similar to this--- and to the accompaniment of this same music. 
"Ah, so timeless the essentials of life really are--- for when we walk as One with our Creator, we know no boundaries--- not even time.
  It's what 'life everlasting' is all about.  Good Lord, show me the way."  ---John Whitehead of R&A