At age 11, Skye is very social and expresses herself with more than simply words alone. In the video clip that follows, look for her expressive hands and at the way she tilts her head ... and for her flashing eyes too ... as she telegraphs the emotion of each of these moments, seemingly unnoticed by all--- all except me ---while she casually talks with other divers at these 2007 U.S. AAU National Diving Championships, July 24-29 in Orlando, FL.  And even as she prepares for her own dive from 3-meters up, in the very last photo shown here, Skye pauses to engage in a moment of animated conversation with the next diver due to follow her, whose own expression is one of "how can she be so relaxed at a time like this?"  And in a photo taken when Skye was only 3-years old, her mother tells Skye that she must do her dive off the very end of the diving board--- and not from the side of it ---as she looks back to the lifeguard, who nods approvingly for her to comply with pool regulations.
Skye didn't win any awards at these 2007 U.S. National Diving Championships, but for her it never was about what you took home from this competition--- it was about what you brought to it.  As for the rest of us--- now just memories, all ---and I was there to capture them --- when she was three --- and then again, when she was eleven.
So, come with me now and watch this short, 2-minute video clip about "Expressions of an 11-year old" ... found only @