Pictured here is Jessica holding her sister, Kristin back in 1991.

They've all but grown into young ladies by now as you shall

soon see -------------------------------------------------------->








Jessica at 17 in Dec '05 in New York City with a Christian School Youth Group having

some fun distributing 500 Christmas gifts to children living with their battered

mothers in shelters throughout the 5 Boroughs of NYC. "Jessie" is a Junior at

Hampton Christian School in Hampton, VA and wants to become an RN.







Kristin at her 14th Birthday Party at our house in Christiansburg, VA in March, 2004.

"Kris," like her sister, has always been interested in Church related activities, and

also has an interest in art.  She is a Freshman at Hampton Christian School in

Hampton, VA and wants to study Interior Design in college.









This is Skye at 9 years old in a photo taken by her father in the summer of 2005.

Skye is an athlete. She currently competes in both swimming and diving in

Plantation, FL. At one time she was also both a gymnast and a figure skater. Skye

continues an early career as one of the very newest of the "American Girl"  girls, and

is featured in the 2006 Spring/Summer Catalog of American Girl (TM) clothing.




This is Skye's brother, Logan, at 8 years old in a

November, photo. Like Skye, Logan too is an athlete.

In addition to baseball, soccer, and gymnastics,

Logan is already a Junior Olympian in springboard

and platform diving.  A level five gymnast, Logan is

as good as the High Schoolers when it comes to his

tumbling runs.  Logan, like Skye, is also a model of

children's clothing.



This is Skye's and Logan's brother, Caleb, at 5 years old at a December 2005

Diving Competition in Orlando, FL.  Like Skye and  Logan, Caleb is also an

athlete. In addition to competitive diving, Caleb is a swimmer and soccer

player. And like Skye and Logan, Caleb is also a model of children's clothing.








Pictured here are Shaun 18), Landon (14), and the youngest of the three brothers,

Nicholas (2). This photo was taken at our place in Christiansburg, VA at

Christmastime, 2005.  Shaun hopes to learn a trade after high school.  Landon

enters H.S. in the fall of 2006, and because of his size, the High School football

coach in Myrtle Beach, SC has already talked to Landon about coming out for the

football team.  Landon, down through the years, has always been "off the charts" in

terms of size.






This is Nicholas at 2 years old at Christmas, 2005 at our house in Christiansburg,

VA. Like his brother, Landon, Nicholas at 2 is "off the charts," for he wears

children's size 4 clothing already. Nicholas is the youngest of all the Downeys.

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...The 8 Grandchildren of H. Bruce Downey, Harvard '56, and Nancy Richardson Downey, Radcliffe '56******

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