William Byrd (1543-1623) was one of England's most gifted and respected composers of the late Renaissance. Justly called "a father of music" even during his lifetime, he had that rare ability to see the future without being rejected by his own time. His vocal music in particular stands supreme amongst all of the time--- being, in his own words, "framed to the life of the words", instead of being constructed solely on musical logic as in the past.   He wrote this music, "John Come Kiss Me Now" in 1595--- a piece not heard much anymore, except perhaps here at the end of Magnolia Lane...and in such literary places as  "Raisins and Almonds--- A Civil War Story."
Looking westward from the highest point at the end of Magnolia Lane...                                    

 And if you don't hear William Byrd's  'John Come Kiss Me Now'