Come with me now to see a short
  4 1/2 - minute video clip of that which I call
    "Logan's Best."  It's a short clip of only
       four + minutes duration that shows
          what it means to be 'the best there is'
             at 9-years old in a very competitive sport. 
And in the scenes that follow, be sure to take
  a peek at each of those who surround Logan
    on the podium, for someday many of these
      very same kids will become 'the best there are'
        in this sport --- and the future of competitive
          diving in this country will rest with the likes of
            them.  It's not just a question of their training,
              day-in and day-out, for theirs is a story about
                the personal  dedication and commitment 
                 that they bring to their pools each and  
                   every day in their continuing efforts
                    to become 'the best there is.'  This is a
                      sport that belongs to the likes of them 
                        --- and to them alone.  So come with me
                          now, and see that which I have seen.
                            It's special...oh, so very special!

 NOTE: At an Internet speed of say only 60 Kbps, this video clip

will take approximately 8-minutes to load.  Please be patient.

 Photo is the wake left by one of Logan's dives from 5-meters up.  Logan is still under water here.


Music is by the O'Neil Brothers --- 'Chariots of Fire...Momenti di Gloria'