Music from the soundtrack of "Miss Potter"
--- A story about the greatest writer of children's books ... ever.
           This movie stars Renee Zellweger in the role of Beatrix Potter and Ewan McGregor as her publisher, Mr. Warne   
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"Let me teach you how to dance,
Let me lead you to the floor,      
Simply place your hand in mine, 
And then think of nothing more. 
Let the music cast its spell,        
Give the atmosphere a chance,  
Simply follow where I lead,       
Let me teach you how to dance"

"When you taught me how to dance
Years ago with misty eyes               
Every step and silent glance              Every move a sweet surprise           

Someone must have taught you well
To beguile and to en-trance             
For that night you cast your spell    
And you taught me how to dance   
...And you taught me how to dance"