It's always been about becoming the best there is at
whatever we set out to do.  So how is it that a young
kid like the one pictured here  could possibly be the
very best there is?  The answer depends on how
many meters you want to talk about. Then the
question narrows to--- who is the best there is
at say 1-meter --- and could it possibly be 
at 3-meters as well for 10-year old boys?
To find out, come with me now to
 And if you do come, you'll see how
  a 9-year old kid from Plantation, FL
  ---the 2007 State of Florida's Bronze
  Medal winner in Boys Level 4 Gymnastics
   --- crossed over to another sport at the
    national level --- then skipped the 9-year
     old competition to take on the very best
      of the 10-year old kids from across these
       United States.  And when it was all over,
        this little boy from South Florida did what
          no other 9-year had ever done before!
           Coach Paul labeled Logan's feat as being
            all about "achieving your potential."  And
              so it was that on this day Logan Downey, at
                9-years old, put it all together and did all
                  that his Coach had ever asked him to do.
       And along the way there were some very dramatic
          moments for Logan--- and for all who looked on at                                                             Photo was taken by me from across the aisle on a bus at Disney World 
            these 2007 U.S. AAU National Diving Championships.                                                        following the competition.  Sometimes photo-ops like this can happen   
              And for the grandparents we are, Nancy and I                                                                      when we least expect them.  Logan was sitting in the arms of his
                were both there to personally share in Logan's                                                                      Daddy, looking right at me ... and I just knew I had a picture! 
                 "Momenti  di Gloria."   But some things in life are
      more than just moments--- like this photo that goes along with those that are.          Music is from the motion picture,"The Cider House Rules" 
                     ...Bruce****** telling stories worthy of the telling