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It's The Cricketts' "Learning the Game"

(piano and cello interlude only)

What it was once like ... for what now seems to have been a generation ago ... here at the end of Magnolia Lane ... beginning with just one of my many road building projects ... this first photo shows the makings of an upper road and a bank cleared for another just below ...      and here is a series of photos of Secret with her foal, Belle (now 14-years old)                  and here is a photo of grandson, Shaun (now 21-years old) who, together with his family, once lived in a single-wide--- then later a double-wide--- mobile home on our place--- a home now rented to VT Graduate Students        and pictured here for the next 3 pictures is Shaun's younger brother, Landon (now 17-years old and like Shaun, now living in Myrtle Beach)