A "Real Life Fairytale"









And then there's Amber--- better known as 'mediagrl07' at YouTube.com.  Amber joined YouTube about a year ago when she was 22.  In all, she produced only a handful of video clips, which she describes as "some of my projects from school--- and maybe a few other random things ."  One of her video clips that attracted my attention was the one she produced on Plumb's--- "Real Life Fairytale."   Amber describes her production this way:---
"It was my final project for Senior Practicum--- A music video of the song, "Real Life Fairytale" by Plumb.   I got a 'B' for it."
Over the past year, a total of 5,214 others have watched Amber's 4:40 minute production, where Amber herself stars as 'Plumb' singing her song, accompanied by a make-believe band featuring some of Amber's college friends on drums, guitars, and a keyboard.  The band shots, along with Amber's "singing," are particularly well done.  And especially so is  Amber herself, playing the lead role of 'Plumb,' for she shows such a deep feeling for the music as she ever so lightly bounces her shoulders, accompanied by an ever so subtle shaking of her head, sending her long, flowing hair every which way--- all to the beat of the underlying music.  And this music of a "Real Life Fairytale," with its unmistakable beat, continues to wend its way through the 'telling' of the ensuing 'fairytale' of Amber's own creation, where Amber plays the role of the princess, with a college friend playing the role of her prince charming.  And then about half way through the entire production, Amber and her prince, now transformed into 'real life,' have their own chance encounter in a hallway at school.  But even in her real world, Amber continues to see him as her come-to-life prince charming--- as they dance the two-step together--- only to walk away, hand-in-hand, as the music comes to an end.  All in all Amber's is a very cute production of a beautiful song with an engaging story line of Amber's own creation.  I'd have given her an 'A' for this one.
























'Plumb' is the stage name of Tiffany Arbuckle Lee, one of the hottest Christian Contemporary Music Artists around today.  She began her career with Michael W. Smith who helped her in the late 1990's with her first three albums.  Then there was a hiatus for a time when she got married and had some children, but now she's back.  And she's written and produced a song titled, "Real Life Fairytale"--- a song about a time in her own life when she experienced her own 'real life fairytale.'  She was 18 at the time, and she was in a dating relationship with a guy who for her was 'Mr. Everything...' 
"We were very much attracted to each other," says Tiffany.  "He was a good guy, a gentleman, and he      went to church with me.  Everything on the outside looked like a perfect little fairy tale."  People said, "They look good together, and he's so good to her."  But on the inside, her 'Mr. Everything' wasn't a Christian.  "And so when I broke up with him, a lot of people questioned my decision.  But I realized there's more to making a relationship work than being attracted to one another.  The most important thing in my life---my faith---was the one thing he couldn't share with me.  Even though breaking up hurt, it was easier knowing I was doing what was right.  There was peace and hope in that."
And so Tiffany sat down and wrote her song, "Real Life            Fairytale."  In commenting upon the song's release, she said this about it:--- "It's important for me to be very real and very honest, writing about stuff that's really happened." And when she sings her songs, she sings about life's struggles, and never compromises the underlying truths.  And so there's      always a certain honesty and genuineness about her songs,   even those that feature a "real life fairytale."                       
NOTE:  The cloud picture in the background was taken by me on a day I was driving the bus.  I simply opened my driver's window and took the picture before moving on.