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It's The Crickets' "Learning the Game"

(piano and cello interlude only)



What it was once like ... for what now seems to have been a generation ago ... here at the end of Magnolia Lane ... beginning with just one of my many road building projects ... this first photo shows the makings of an upper road and a bank cleared for another just below ...      and here is a series of photos of Secret with her foal, Belle (now 14-years old)                  and here is a photo of grandson, Shaun (now 21-years old) who, together with his family, once lived in a single-wide--- then later a double-wide--- mobile home on our place--- a home now rented to VT Graduate Students        and pictured here for the next 3 pictures is Shaun's younger brother, Landon (now 17-years old and like Shaun, now living in Myrtle Beach)                  and next up is our farm dog, Heidi, an Australian Shepherd--- as faithful a companion as there ever was. Heidi lived to be 16-years old, most all of which was spent right here on our place        and Heidi soon came to know 'Peanut Butter'--- who, as a little kitty, I found near death many years ago near my horse manure piles below the barn. She was completely exhausted--- for you see, being as hungry as she then was, she had her wringing-wet head stuck inside a Skippy Peanut Butter jar for days on-end ... I rescued her and she's been with us ever since         ... and here is a 5-part series of Secret with her foal, April--- a full-sister to Belle. April is now 12 years-old ...                           ... and here is grandson, Landon, giving April a hug in the front run-in shed ...         ... and finally, a couple of pictures of grandsons Shaun and Landon playing near the fence after a pretty heavy snowfall of some years ago ...             ... And with these final photos representing at least some of that which once went on here at the end of Magnolia Lane, I leave you with this reflective thought--- a quote in the vernacular-of-the-day from 'Raisins and Almonds--- A Civil War Story':--- "I dun seen h'it all naw! Da pas'--- she ain't neer a-comin' back ag'in, ya kno'. Fer h'it be da fu-ch-ur' dat's h'yar ta sta'--- 'n' dat's wir I wud be ratch h'yar 'n naw if'n I wer' y'all. Dis h'yar war dun kilt ebry thang thar eber wuz 'bout da pas'!--- 'n a big A-men ta dat! A-men 'n A-men!!"   ...Bruce********