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The place of vitamins in all this:--- Here's some advice on vitamins from a retired physician (Dr. Hugh Wang, MD--- a friend of my friend, Dr Malcolm Ing, MD from Harvard '56 and Yale Medical School '59):---
First, here's what I had to say to Dr. Wang about the vitamins I currently take:---
"I also take numerous vitamins that my wife Nancy is in charge of. 
Among others, we each take 5,000 IU of vitamin D (thanks to Mal for
this hint), fish oil concentrate that includes 470 mg of EPA and 350 mg
of CHA.  And we take 150 mg coenzyme Q210.  Then we also take 
standard, iron-free multi-vitamins in the usual daily dosages." 
And then here's Dr. Wang's reaction:---
"You should have your 25-hydroxvitamin D tested to decide whether you
need to cut back or increase your Vit D3 (D3 is absorbed better).  A
good level is between 50-60 nanograms/L to be immune boosting,
beneficial to diabetics' blood sugar, and anti-cancer.

I used to have the idea that a foundation of a daily multivitamin was
a good idea until I discovered that even the small amount of daily
Vit A was enough to nullify the benefits of Vit D.  Since cod liver
oil contains both, we no longer recommend CLO.  A professor at
Stanford Med Sch spoke at our hospital and said that not only were
multivitamins overrated in their value, but they don't dissolve well,
and are a multibillion $$ industry.  Try putting one of your tablets
in a glass of water to see how many days it takes for it to
dissolve.  Many of them end up in the toilet.  When you run out of
your multivit, you can stop it, and depend on your good diet to
supply your needs.  Your CoQ10 is a good idea, and L-arginine is good
for the inner lining of your blood vessels and is a source of nitric
oxide which improves sexual function."