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Pic #1:   Aunt Mollie's mother, Elizabeth A. Brown

 Pic #2:   Aunt Mollie as a little girl.  She was born in 1866 --- died in 1951

 Pic #3:   Uncle Tom as a little boy.   He  was born in 1868 --- died in 1946 

 Pic #4:   Aunt Mollie and Uncle Tom's wedding picture (1892)

 Pic #5:   Aunt Mollie and Uncle Tom's wedding picture (another view)

 Pic #6:   Nephews:--- brothers Donald and Paul Brown.


               Donald was raised by Aunt Mat Brown Lacock and Uncle Tom

                 Lacock. Paul was raised by Aunt Mollie and Uncle Tom Hounsley.

                   Both Paul and Donald died just as I arrived on the scene and

                    are buried side-by-side in the cemetery at Charity Church. Aunt

                      Mollie, Uncle Tom, and I would go over to Charity Church on

                        Sunday evenings to clear weeds around all the Brown plots

                          at a time when the weeds everywhere were waste-high. 

 Pic #7:   Brown sisters all:  Aunt Mollie, Aunt Sarah, and Aunt Mat

                In my day as a child, I met them all.  Aunt Mat was deaf.

 Pic #8:   Brown brothers all: Uncles Charley, Forest, Paschel, and

                   Will.  I can't remember meeting any of them.

 Pic #9:   Assortment of the Brown family outside on the steps of

                Aunt Mollie's and Uncle Tom's screen porch.  I suspect

                  that the youngest people in this picture are Paul (front

                   right) and his wife, Elizabeth (back left).  In my day I

                     met both, but then they split...Elizabeth took Robert

                      and Aunt Mollie and Uncle Tom raised Howard.

 Pic #10:  Uncle Tom with one of his sheep at a show

 Pic #11:  Assortment of the Brown family outside on the farm of

                   the 4th from the left where in my day I played croquet.

 Pic #12:  Paul Brown with Uncle Tom

Pic #13:  Uncle Tom and Howard Brown, one of Paul's


 Pic #14:  Aunt Mollie in a thoughtful  moment outside

                   her screened porch...just as I remember her.

 Pic #15:  Aunt Mollie later in life. 

 Pic #16:  That's me, with Aunt Mollie, their dog, Brunie,

                     Uncle Tom, and my dog Snooks who once

                         killed every one of Aunt Mollie's pullets.

                              My mother replaced everyone of them.

 Pic #17:  And this too is me, with my favorite, Tony. 

                    Uncle Tom was taking care of Tony for

                        another who had gone off to WWII.

Pic #18:   Me, many years later at the end of

                 Magnolia Lane with Secret and her foal, April.