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Majordomoer of the moment

Majordomoer of the moment
Along the Platte River
Majordomoer, California Style

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Video Clip # 2: Submitted by one of our Majordomoers everywhere .,, but can you tell us which of our Majordomoers everywhere submitted these pictures ?  ... and can you guess who the others are in these photos and their relationship to our featured  "Majordomoer of the moment?"  ... and finally, what's the name of the tune playing in the background ?  Photos submittted on October 4, 2004.  Thanks to our "Majordomoer of the moment "who took up the challenge.  And one final question---Are there any other majordomoers everywhere who would also like to submit something for presentation here ? 

This slow motion show is 75 seconds long and it includes a sound track---so turn your speakers on.  The MIME type of this video is "mpeg" or even more simply, "mpg" so the media player to the right will be that which your own computer has previously been designated to play MIME type "mpeg" videos---be it QuickTime, Real One, or Windows Media Player.

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This video will begin playing itself immediately and automatically, although the very first time through may appear to be choppy and irregular, which is a function of the speed of your own computer's Internet connection.  What's happening is that your computer is trying to establish a "buffer" by pre-loading as much of this video as it can to keep ahead of the actual playing of that which it has already loaded.  This "buffering period" may take anywhere from 30 seconds to 3 to 4 minutes to completely load this 90-second video.  During this "buffering period," try moving the slide bar back to the beginning until you finally achieve one continuous and smooth viewing experience.  To replay video a second time, point to and left click on the media player's "play/pause" button.
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