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The Main Event IV
Our 50th Reunion

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John Green, Jack Langille, and Bruce Carlson
Hey ! After 50 years, these are still three of the best looking guys in the room. Right ???

Three ofthe 'fabulous five' that made it to the Reunion:Wayne Mahood,Punky Stevens,& that other guy

Joyce Peterhans,Betty Milliren,Punky,PhylissPalmer
L to R: Joyce Peterhans Shreffler, Betty Milliren Roberts, 'Punky' Stevens, & Phyliss Palmer Durham

Lloyd & Betty Bright Serfling enjoying their dance
Lloyd dancing with his high school sweetheart, Betty Bright Serfling--now how did I know that ???

You're listening to York's own band, The SophistiCats, in a 1950/51 recording of
with York classmates John Bartmann on trumpet, the late Ernie Olds on alto saxaphone, Don Rusch on tenor saxaphone, Larry Swayda on piano, the late Norman Ellison on bass, and Peter Baugh on percussion