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The Morning After II
Our 50th Reunion

"We don't say good-bye" on 'The Morning After' because we are all really---
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"...Islands in the stream...
        ...that is what we are...
           ...no one in between...
                 ...how can we be wrong...
                       ...sail away with me...
                              ...to another world..."

Dawn and Doris (seated) with Pete Baugh (standing)
Peter Baugh (standing) with Dawn & Skip Corley and Doris & Ed Collins (seated)

Clockwise: Joyce Palmer Durham, Bert Robins,
The companionship is great... and the food ?
Beve Dornoff J., Jane Whitney Robins,Jerry and Mary Wheeler,Jim Dunham, and Ann Gustafson Jervis

Bill Melhorn (York '51)
Bill Melhorn (York '51) looking good in his 50-year old 'Y' sweater....hey, it still fits him !

Floyd Havermann (Loretta's husband)
Floyd Havermann (Loretta Belobraydich Havermann's husband sitting across from her>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>

Ruth Ellis--is she enjoying this or what ???
Ruth Ellis---is she enjoying this or what ???

Wayne (sitting) with Carroll and Pat (standing)
Carroll Knight & Pat Lira (standing) with Bobbi & Wayne Mahood facing Darlene Knight & Dawn Lira

Carolyne Larson Jordan
Carolyne Larson Jordan thinking about the long trip home ahead of her.

Joyce Peterhans Shreffler
Joyce Peterhans Shreffler--'Where did that flash come from ?'

Floyd Havermann's better half
Floyd Havermann's better half--Loretta Belobraydich Havermann

Ruth, Dick, and Dan
Ruth Ellis, Richard Lynn, and Dan Cornelius sharing a moment together.

If your speakers are "on" and your volume is "up" then you're listening to...
Bee Gees "Islands in the Stream"