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Friday Evening I

Our 50th Reunion

"There was magic in the air..." Fifty years is a very long time and for those of us who had not been to any of our class reunions before...well, on Friday evening, October 4th, Tom Hodge and Jim Dunham hosted a party at the Oakbrook Hyatt Regency, not unlike the "Garden Party" Ricky Nelson went to these many years ago.  Thank you, Tom and Jim, for some of that "magic in the air..."
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   And if your speakers are "on" and your volume is "up" then you'll be listening to some of this "magic in the air" ------that is so evident in the photos that follow...

Sandra, Peter, and Beve
Sandra and Peter Baugh relaxing for a moment with Beverly Dornoff Jellison and others

Bruce Downey talking with John Green
Bruce Downey talking with Johnny Green
And isn't that George Pusch, now of Polk City, FL, looking this way ?

In foreground---Jean and Peter Anderson
Jean and Peter Anderson
That's Carol Lecture Schaidler in back & Bruce Downey is still talking with John Green (hidden)

Shirley and Peter
That's Shirley Piepol Sonderegger and Peter Sonderegger facing camera

And this was the guy voted 'the least changed' ?
And this was the guy voted 'the least changed' ?
But is he even one of ours ??? Who let him in here anyway ???

Dick Boller, retired Colonel in the U.S. Army
Dick was my candidate for 'least changed.' I'd recognize this guy anytime, anywhere--wouldn't you ?

Shirley with Bill Bell (York '51)
Shirley Piepol Sonderegger with Bill Bell (York '51)

You're listening to...
 Ricky Nelson "Garden Party"