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Saturday Golf II
Our 50th Reunion

These guys may play golf now but their competitive desire to master this game comes from a much earlier time, when, as little boys growing up, "...the ball went up and the ball came down and they swung the bat all the way around..." each sharing the same boyhood dream of  "I am the greatest"...
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The York H.S., Class of 1952 Golf Tournament was arranged by Lloyd Serfling and Bruce Carlson.  Thanks, guys.

The first six photos presented here are from the "Lloyd Serfling Collection..."

'The fearsome threesome'---Jack, Pete, and Dick
'The fearsome threesome'---they are Jack Langille, Peter Anderson, and Dick Peterson

Bruce Johnson remembering the York H.S. Golf Team
Bruce Johnson retelling his York H.S. Golf Team days

Pete Anderson...ready to hit his  'fade' shot !
Pete Anderson getting ready to hit his famous 'fade' shot !

Jack Langille putting out
Jack Langille putting out

Carroll Knight with Bob Golseth et al
Carroll Knight enjoying a moment with Bob Golseth and others

Dick Peterson demonstrating his classic form
Dick Peterson with his head down and his eyes on the ball, but does he have enough club ?

The last three photos presented here are from the "Carroll Knight Collection..."

The fearless foursome getting ready to 'tee-off'
Preparing to 'tee-off' are Carroll Knight, Bruce Johnson, Bob Golseth, and Kenny Eichenberger

Lloyd Serfling 'getting things started'
Before you 'tee-off'...it's best to see Da' Man--Lloyd Serfling

Bob Golseth (at left) and Bruce Johnson (at right)
Bruce Johnson looking down fareway...and Bob Golseth just looking !

You're listening to...
 Kenny Rogers "I am the Greatest"