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Our 50th Reunion

The last picture...on the last day...

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On Sunday morning, October 6, 2002, after breakfast there were but a few of us left, so we went over to York and took our own picture with our camera setting on a tripod.  Our balloons kept blowing in the wind and we were all laughing as Punky Stevens kept running back and forth to the camera to check on its timer.  And it was a difficult moment for us all as we hugged one another and departed from this place.  So here is the last picture...on the last day...until we reconvene once again in ????

The last picture...on the last day
      from where future generations
         ...not unlike us...will come and go
              ...just like us.

A final farewell from York H.S. on 10/06/02
A final farewell from York High School by the last of the Class of '52 reunioners

Bidding you all a final farewell from York High School on Sunday morning, October 6, 2002, are--Back row from L to R: Phyliss (Palmer) Durham, Joyce (Peterhans) Shreffler, Bert Robins, and Jim Dunham. Front row from L to R: Ralph 'Punky' Stevens, Joanne (Aue) Warner, Audrey Crumpton, Ann (Gustafson) Jervis, Jane (Whitney) Robins, Tom Hodge, Beverly (Dornoff) Jellison, and Carolyne (Larson) Jordan

You're listening to The Queen City Jazz Band's rendition of
"Ashokan Farewell"
with John Bartmann, York '52, on flugelhorn.
"Ashokan Farewell" was composed by Jay Ungar commemorating the closing of the
Ashokan Reservoir in 1983 

NOTE: Most viewers upon coming to this website will automatically hear QCJB's Ashokan Farewell.  But a few classmates have reported that they hear nothing.  So, check to see that your speakers are "on" and your volume is "up," and if you still can't hear anything, then point to and click on the following html code that will either (A) prompt your Internet Browser to play this tune, or (B) download this tune temporarily to your own computer by selecting "PLAY" rather than "SAVE" if and when prompted.  And if you download this tune, once your own computer's media player begins playing QCJB's Ashokan Farewell, minimize your media player's window so that you can return to view this website page---                                                            http://york1952.tripod.com/50th/AshokanFarewellMPEG.wav