Whatcha doin' now ?
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Here's a website devoted exclusively to what our classmates at York High School, Class of 1952, are currently doing, now that most of us are retired and in our prime with the rest of our life ahead of us.  You don't have to make the newspaper with your current interests...but if you do, we're interested in receiving a copy of that article.  And if you don't make the headlines about your activities, well, we're still very much interested in you anyway.  So here's what you have to do to get published here...contact us by e-mail ( crow@vt.edu ) and tell us what your current interests are, including appropriate attachments, if any, and we'll take care of all the rest.  It's as easy as that...no kidding.  And please believe us when we say we're all interested in you and "whatcha doin' now ?"    

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Let's see what Joyce (Hartley) Anderson, York '52 is "doin' now."  Read on and find out...

Joyce (Hartley) Anderson, York '52