How deep is your valley?
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My valley is as deep as my family--- for in the twilight of our lives, it will be our family to whom we shall always return.  And so here, to share the depth of their valley in both sight and sound, are some of our own York '52 family who think enough of you as their classmates to be a part of their valley as well.
 And if you too would like to tell us about the depth of your valley, please contact Carroll Knight @  and we will post--- all that you would share--- for all who would come--- to see and to listen.

First up is Tom Hodge, York '52 who shares with us all this photo of his family, taken in their home in Elmhurst, IL on the occasion of ______________ .  Hear Tom, in his own words and in his own voice, as he talks with Carroll Knight, York '52 on ___________ :--- Just point to and then double click on the triangular 'start' button of the media player positioned to the right of the photo.

A tree in autumn; Size=240 pixels wide


Thanks for dropping by and taking a look at my photos. Please get in touch with any comments or reactions!