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Along the Platte River

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Along the Platte River
Majordomoer, California Style

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Video Clip # 3: One of our majordomoers likes to fish for brown trout "Along the (South) Platte River " ...but who ?  In response to my request of all majordomoers everywhere, this majordomoer sent me a solitary photo, so I had to first find a tune about the Platte River...then I had to find some appropriate photos to illustrate the lyrics of that tune, saving the photo identitfying our majordomoer and his catch of the day until the very end.  Can you name the tune, who is singing it, the names of the two legendary lovers depicted in this song, and who, at the very end, our South Platte River fisherman is ?

NOTE: The accompanying tune is a traditional folk song about two lovers who, according to legend, set out from   P_ _e County, Missouri to go by covered wagon "Along the Platte River" to Placerville, California back in the gold rush days. This tune is a favorite among grade school children since its melody keeps outlining a simple C-major chord and the note values are unusually regular. The song apparently comes from California and was first published in 1858. It celebrates a kind of legendary heroine typical of the days of the gold rush.

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