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  • Lyrics to Eva Cassidy's song,
  •    I Know You By Heart
  •        will follow when
  •          the music catches up
  • Midnights in winter, the glowing fire
  • Lights up your face in orange and gold
  • I see your sweet smile shine through the darkness
  • Each line is etched in my memory
  • So I'd know you by heart.
  • Mornings in April, sharing the secrets
  • We'd walk until the morning was gone
  • We were like children, laughing for hours
  • The joy you gave me lives on and on
  • 'Cause I know you by heart.
  • I still hear your voice on warm summer nights,
  • whispering like the wind
  • Ohhh, ohhhh, ohhhhh, ohhhh.
  • You left in autumn, the leaves were turning
  • I walked down roads of orange and gold
  • I saw your sweet smile, I heard your laughter
  • You're still here beside me everyday
  • 'Cause I know you by heart...
  • 'Cause I know you by heart.
  •                                 Eva Cassidy --- singing her song, ""I know you by heart"









































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