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Listen to John playing trumpet, mostly with the 'Queen City Jazz Band' --- from a special collection compiled by his wife, Fran Bartmann, and their son, Brandon. When asked to provide some of John's muisc to be played after his funeral service, she knew it had to be from the QCJB. She did not know which were among John's personal favorites, for he never told her that he had any. She knew that Wende's vocals had to be there, and that he enjoyed playing both the "St. James Infirmary" and "Potato Head Blues", featuring a trio of trumpeters. And she said the inclusion of Ray Charles "Georgia" and Sarah Brightman's "Time to Say Goodbye" at the very end had special meaning in her own remembrance of John:---

Please make only one selection at a time...then come back and make another:

0. Zero selection: Royal Garden Blues_QCJB
1. First selection: Louisiana_QCJB
2. Second selection: Baby, Won't You Please Come Home_QCJB
3. Third selection: from mnday on_QCJB
4. Fourth selection: chna boy_QCJB

Please make only one selection at a time...then come back and make another:

5. Fifth selection: tia juana_QCJB
6. Sixth selection: Prescription For The Blues_QCJB
7. Seventh selection: Madagascar_QCJB
8. Eighth selection: Sweet Lorraine_QCJB
9. Ninth selection: Georgia_Ray Charles & The Count Basie Band

Please make only one selection at a time...then come back and make another:

10. Tenth selection: Ev'ry Time I Feel the Spirit_QCJB
11. Eleventh selection: What A Friend We Have In Jesus_QCJB
12. Twelvth selection: His Eye Is On The Sparrow_QCJB
13. Thirteenth selection: Amazing Grace_QCJB
14. Fourteenth selection: Potato Head Blues_Trumpet Trio
15. Fifteenth selection: St. James Infirmary_QCJB
16. Sixteenth & final selection: Time To Say Goodbye_Sarah Brightman

John Bartmann, (1934 - 2012):--

First, this e-mail from John's immediate family:---
On 7/19/2012 10:49 PM, John Bartmann wrote:
To all friends of John Bartmann...
If the news hasn't reached you yet or if the family has not contacted you as yet, the very, very sad news is that your friend, John Bartmann, 
passed away Monday, July 16, at 8:00 PM.  He arrived at Porters Hospital Friday morning July 13, and from the emergency room was placed
into intensive care.  
John had prearranged his funeral so his memorial service will be Sunday, July 22, at Horan & McConaty on Colorado Boulevard.  
The time will be 2:00 PM with, a celebration at the Bull and Bush afterwards until 5:30PM.
The information will be in the obituary Friday, July 20.
Thank you all for your love and friendship for John.

Then this obituary found in the Denver Post by H. Bruce Downey, York '52---

John Bartmann Obituary goes here

Then these--- from various e-mails sent me by York '52-ers"---
On 7/22/2012 9:27 PM, barbdrews@aol.com wrote:

I just attended John' Memorial Service and I can tell you I have never been part of such a beautiful tribute in  my life.  It was the most heartwarming service anyone could imagine. 
It was filled with music, laughter, stories from friends.  We should all be so lucky to receive  such a bon voyage of respect and admiration.  I feel fortunate to have  reacquainted with John in recent years. He, Bill, and Rory, have played at my neighborhood picnic for the last four years.  He was playing a gig two weeks ago.
The bottom line is he was truely a very special  person.

On 7/21/2012 12:50 PM, gpharmicon@comcast.net wrote:


So sorry to hear of John Bartmann's passing. As I was never a band member in grade school or high school, many of you probably knew him much better than I, but those of us who knew him at all have indeed  lost not only a  friend, but one the finest musicians every to have graced the halls of York as he clearly demonstrated many times during his lifetime. I am an avid collector of The Queen City Band's CDs and play them often.  He will be sorely missed by those who knew him and loved his music! My deepest sympathy to his wife Fran and their son.

John Green

On 7/21/2012 9:59 AM, Thomas Hodge wrote:

Dear Fran, Bruce, & Friends         So very sorry to hear of John's passing.He was my H.S. buddie & along w/Dick Franzen, Hank Kruse, & Stan Nation we shared great times in Elmhurst & Lake-In-the Hills. They have all gone & I am left with the memories.  Tom

On 7/21/2012 7:59 AM, H. Bruce Downey wrote:

John told me he was sick, and so I knew this was coming.  John did too.

I tell you this from a perspective I alone can tell.  You see, John and I began our music together, in what was P.M. Keast's band at Hawthorne Elementary School, back in 4th grade.  Early on we both chose the coronet--- only to later on switch to trumpet.  John came from Old Field School and I came from Hawthorne Elementary--- and many others came too from all across Elmhurst, IL, we came.  Band practice was always on Saturday mornings in the gymnasium at Hawthorne School as we began our adventure in music.  As I now recall, there were three bands in all, each directed by P.M. Keast, who took it upon himself to teach us about discipline and about moral values for the children we were---- along with our music. 

John and I moved quickly along, and by sixth grade I was first chair in the Senior Band, and John was second.  But not for long, for P.M. Keast had a system of "challenging" in place, and John challenged me for the right to sit in that first chair.  We were both given a piece of music, and during a preset period of time we both practiced the same piece of music--- perhaps for a period of two-weeks.  Then one evening at the school we came together, where I was let into the room first, and played first.  Then John was let in, and I sat where John had just sat--- out in the hallway.  For support, John's father was there--- and so too was my mother.  John played that piece perfectly, whereas I had not.  And so at the next band practice, John took over the first chair, and I sat next, in second chair.

I remained in second chair to John from 7th grade through our senior year in the York Band.  Then John went on to a music education, becoming a band leader in a school in Colorado.  And he kept right on playing all through those years, eventually winding up as the trumpter for the Queen City Jazz Band, traveling the country with the Band, and making several band recordings, which he would send me from time.  John loved his music, through and through, that's for sure.  He had a gift, and he pursued it for a lifetime--- until he didn't have the breath to blow his horn anymore. 

I am truly sorry to learn of his passing.  His family must be very proud of John, just as I too am--- writing this as I do now from my position as "John's second chair."


And then I was reading my favorite writing expert--- Liza Field--- who I believe is a Roanoke College Professor's regular Saturday column in the Roanoke Times which I had read only shortly after I had written this--- just to see what she thought of an example of my own writing skills, and got this reply:---

On 7/21/2012 7:07 PM, Liza Field wrote:

Wow, I just logged in to start grading student papers for the week and read this great remembrance of your fellow "chair."

That image of the chairs is so strong and symbolic--I could almost feel the warmth left in the chair John had vacated (now for good) when you finished your audition and went to sit in it. Then the whole theme of the chairs as a musical term for which position one plays in as a musician...and your humble concession to him as greater than yourself, which is mightily beautiful. I'm sure the family will feel some tears of gratitude and love when this is read. I wonder if they are letting people read at the memorial. I guess not, if it was pre-planned and will happen quickly, but you should sent this to anyone who knew him.

Oh, and I'm sure HE appreciates it to, and is smiling from his musical realm of joy that we're connected to, even here in molecule-land, via music itself.

Thank you for letting me read it.

Liza Field

And then these e-mails, from John's musical friends in Colorado:----
On 7/21/2012 7:36 PM, ted.sautins@netscape.com wrote:

thank you for the post...i was a friend of John and Fran's son Chad.  Actually the first person on the site when they found him, Very traumatic!!!!  i have kept in touch with Fran letting her know the times i visit Chad's grave, its coming up on 4 years now and still hard knowing you miss a good friend.  I just got off the phone with Fran and as we can imagine she is not doing real well...gave her my condolences over the phone rather than email...sure hope it helped it the smallest of ways..

thanks again for a for a great story

On 7/26/2012 2:01 AM, rickweingarten@q.com wrote:

I keep thinking about our dear friend John and I feel like I have to write my thoughts down to help me (and perhaps you) feel some kind of closure. I'll always have many great memories of gigs together at the Bull and Bush in Denver with The "Fred Moldenhauer Sextet" and other gigs with The "Vibe Tribe" It was John who first recommended me to a group of musicians (The "Summit Jazz Consort") in the Breckenridge/Vail area that has led to years of fun gigs in the mountains with John and other great musicians. If I ever played a fast run or a repeated sextuplet figure in a solo John used to teasingly shout "showoff!" My friend Clarinetist, Roger Topliff, told me that he once subbed with the Queen City Jazzband and that it was John who helped talk him through the arrangements, keys, etc. and made him feel comfortable. That's just the kind of guy John was. Gracioius, friendly and magnanimous, I'll always remember when John and Fran offered the use of their condo in Breckenridge to my family for the weekend for free. Money being very tight with a young child, It was a much needed and welcome respite from work that we otherwise would not have been able to afford. My wife and Daughter and I had a wonderful weekend up there thanks to the generosity of John and Fran. I'll never forget my Daughter (at the time 1 year old) laughing her head off and getting the biggest kick out of crawling from room to room in their condo! It's amazing how quickly the news of Johns passing got around in the musical community, we really are a big Family! Other great musicians that I personally remember and miss are, Vince Lindburgh, Gordon Ellinger, Billy Tolles, Les James, Fred Stuft, Don O'neil and James VanBuren. It's people like John that have made the world a better place with their kindness, generosity and the gift of their musical talent. John will be sorely missed by all of us in this wonderful, extensive, yet intimate family of colorado musicians. Respectfully yours, Rick Weingarten

On 7/26/2012 11:20 AM, Sterling Nelson wrote:

Hi Rick (and others):

I am answering your thoughtful and heart-felt remarks about John and want to add mine.

I didn't get to know John that well on a personal basis except theat which came through his horn.  At the Bull abd Bush, most of his time off the stand was spent with his friend Tony.  I do respect John for his knowledge of music and his role as musical leader when the band was on the stand.  He is missed but Kevein is a super replacement for him.  At this time, my thoughts go back to you, Rick, and to music in general.

When my wife Shirley died in 1993, you will recall that I hired you and 6 others muusiciians, most of whom knew Shirley well, to play in tribute to her.  I picked 4 tunes which I knew she liked (and she vocally endorsed) for the group to play. You sat out the first 2, Black and Blue and I'm Comin' Virginia, then I brought you in for a quartet version of Moon Glow, which was very effective.  The capstone, however, was the 7-piece bands version of Eubie's Memories Of You.  When I hear it, that always takes me back to that day and to my days with Shirley.  When I go to a Festival like the Evergreen Jazz Festival which I will be going to this weekend, I am sure to hear 3 and maybe all 4 of those tunes in the course of the weekend.  And this leads me to the role of music in my life and the lives of others.  As I sit in the Little Bear and hear what is urually raucous stuff, I am amaxed and thrilled at the power of good jazz to transform the place into a palace of Peace and Joy, my two main objectives in life.  If all the world was like those moments, we wouldn't need Police forces and Armies and could avoid scenes of horror like we just experienced here in Aurora.  And Rick, you are part of that music scene which I enjoy so much.  I will look forward to hearing you with the After Midnight group, an absolute delight.  I'm sure that we will talk.  If only more people knew about, understood, and enjoyed the music as I do, this world would be a much better place.  And my love of music extends far beyond juust jazz, be sure of that.

                                 Sterling Nelson

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And finally this...Carroll Knight, York '52, speaking to John Bartmann, York '52, shortly after the York '52 55th Reunion in 2007:---Please pause player (at top of this page) before proceeding with this clip...