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This is a page where classmates may leave notes and/or pictures concerning their deceased friends at York High School.  To leave such a tribute --- send your notes and photos or whatever --- as an e-mail addressed to me, Bruce Downey, at hdowney@vt.edu, and they will be included below in the order they are received...
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OTHER NOTES:--- Note Number 3:
Remembering Dan Butterfield: 
Some years ago you would purchase your airline  tickets and they were interchangeable. One airline would honor tickets of other airlines if they had available seats when you were at the gate.
One day I was flying from Detroit to Chicago round trip with a return time around 4 PM. I got through my meeting about noon, rushed to the O'Hara and got on a 12 o'clock return flight to Detroit. We sat on the runway until 4 PM and then they canceled the flight because of mechanical trouble. There were no available seats on any airlines and I am getting desperate at about 9 PM.  I am talking to a guy at the United Airline desk. The guy was talking to me and also talking to someone on the phone at the same time.
The counter guy says to me, "The other guy on the phone wants to know if I am the Carroll Knight that went to York High School of Elmhurst?"  
I replied, "Yes I am."
The guy on the phone told me to go to gate 32, walk on the plane, and sit anywhere I wanted. That guy was a high up guy of United Airlines and his name was Dan Butterfield.
Sometime a year or so later Darlene and I were flying from Hawaii to Chicago and I name-dropped the name of 'Dan Butterfield'  to the United gate ticket agent and he moved us to 1st class at no additional cost and we traveled in style. He said, "Tell Dan he owes me one".
Carroll Knight, York '52

  If your speakers are "on" and your volume is "up" then you're listening to... Carroll Knight's, York '52 rendition of a Contemporary Christian Song, "Shepherd of my Heart"