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York Tour I

Our 50th Reunion

THE FIRST DAY---transportation from the Hyatt, then lunch, followed by a tour of York on Friday, October 4, 2002---all at a cost of only $5 per person...and a big 'thank you' to Betty Western Steben for making all the arrangements.
NOTE: I'm not at my best when it comes to putting 1952 names to 2002 faces...so please forgive me if I have made some mistakes in what is presented here and throughout "Our 50th Reunion".  Please help me make the necessary corrections and clear up any lingering question marks (???) by sending an e-mail to Bruce Downey at crow@vt.eduAnd remember...we want to add your photos to this website !     

Table for two, please...non-smoking.
This is but half of our class...the other half was hidden from view in another dining room.

L to R: Jack Langille,Joyce Hartley A.,Marie Green
In the new band room..one of three new music rooms
John Green, Fran Prosek McMurray (York '51) & Betty Western Steben

Bill Melhorn (York '51) with Betty Western Steben
Bill Melhorn (York '51) standing with Betty Western Steben

Jane Whitney R., Punky Stevens & Jim Dunham
Jane Whitney Robins, Punky Stevens & Jim Dunham
Some things never change. That smile on Jane's face is right out of seventh grade at Hawthorne Jr Hi

L to R: Bert Robins and George Pusch along wall
Listening to our tour guide explain the 'NEW' York
With Peter and Sandra Baugh facing them

Joanne Buehring Brehm and Reta Hamrock
Joanne Buehring Brehm and Reta Hamrock Damiani
Damiani looking at names on commemorative York bricks

Darlene Knight making her way back to the Tour bus
Darlene McClelland Knight (York '53) making her way back to the Tour bus

This is the site of our graduation ?
What's left of the Auditorium as we once knew it
NOTE: The balcony is no more. Too many kids throwing stuff at those seated below !

L to R: Wayne Mahood, Duke Weiss, Tom Hodge,
Visiting the new multi-media Forum Room
Caroline Johnson,Audrey Crumpton,Paul Primas,Forrest Rank,Neva Roe (?),Joanne Buehring, & ?????

L to R: Anna Cohan Horne, Arlene Turchi,
Listening to Dr. Yonke, Principal of York H.S.
Dick Turchi (foreground), Pete Anderson (background), & Dr. Yonke

Moonene Thomas Christensen and Dick Peterson
Moonene Thomas Christensen and Dick Peterson

Forrest and Lois Rank with Jack Langille
Forrest and Lois Rank with Jack Langille

Pete Anderson wondering about it all !
Pete Anderson wondering about it all !

L to R: ???, ......, Joanne Aue Warner, Duke Weiss
' Nobody out there can hear the band in here ! '
Caroline Johnson, ... ,George Pusch, Wayne Mahood, ???, Carolyne Larson, ???

Tom Hodge beckoning us into the Auditorium
Tom Hodge beckoning us into the Auditorium

Carroll Knight and Ann Gustafson Jervis
Looking back, over their shoulder, for one last glimpse of the 'new' York

Making our way through the maze of the 'new' York
Unidentified York 'students' on their way to their next class.

Jane Swanson Keller (with the hands) flanked by
Jane Swanson Keller (with the hands) having fun !
Jack Langille (L) & John Green (R) with Ann Gustafson Jervis & Phyliss Palmer Durham (L)

And now for a little technology on top of technology. What happens when you play back Carroll Knight's VHS tape of the proceedings, then pause the action and pick up your digital camera and take a photo of the TV screen you're watching ?  The next four pictures (below) are examples of what you get ! ! ! 

Student navigational aid
A navigational aid for York students inlaid into the floor at bottom of a stairwell

Darlene Knight looking for Carroll's old locker
Darlene Knight---'Now where did you say your locker was, Carroll ?'

About ready to break into song while
Carolyne Larson Jordan enjoying a lighter moment
standing in the rain between two York Tour school buses

Enjoying the camaraderie on the York tour bus
Ann Gustafson Jervis and Phyllis Palmer Durham with Jack Langille looking on.

L to R: Dawn Benson Corley, Phyliss Palmer Durham,
Dawn, Phyliss, Skip, Darlene, Carroll, and Jim
Skip Corley, Darlene and Carroll Knight, and Jim Dunham

Bruce Downey waiting to get on the bus
Bruce Downey outside York H.S. waiting to get back on the bus

2002 York Display Case with Dawn Benson Corley
This York H.S, Display Case never looked better...that's our Dawn Benson Corley

If your speakers are "on" and your volume is "up" then you're listening to...
Hans Zimmer's "You're So Cool" from the sound track of the motion picture,
 "True Romance" starring Christian Slater and Patricia Arquette