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Our 50th Reunion

Art work by Bert Robins, York '52

NOTE: As of July 28, 2003 everybody should be able to hear the Canadian Brass playing "Trumpet Fanfare". But if, after abouat 30 seconds, you don't hear anything, then scroll down to the bottom for alternative ways to hear this audio clip while viewing this screen.

We finally made it!
The York High School Class of 1952 reconvened once again.  This time, not in the confines of the York Auditorium as we once did some 50 years ago, but this time in the expanse of the Hyatt Regency in Oak Brook, IL.  And if you think graduation night way back in June, 1952 was such a "big deal"...well, the "party-after" held some 50 years later turned out to be "the main event" we all had been waiting for.  Our 50th Reunion "party-after" went on for three days, October 4-6, 2002.  And it was well attended with no less than 44 women and 41 men plus 50 or more spouses---our biggest reunion yet !
But words fail to describe what went on here.  Photos tell the real story.  So here is a collection of 50th Reunion photos we have put together.  We need more...and I know they are out there, because I saw flash bulbs popping off all over the place...so if you have photos of our reunion, the rest of us want to see them right here at Our York52 website.  Please attach your reunion photos as jpg files and e-mail them to me at crow@vt.edu or mail your original prints via the U.S. Postal Service to me at 970 Magnolia Lane, Christiansburg, VA 24073. I'll scan your reunion photos, then upload them to this website, and return the originals to you.  Meanwhile, enjoy !  And come back often, as more and more photos will be added as fast as they come in.

Bruce Downey

....Bruce Downey, York '52


York H.S. as we once knew it.


York on 10/4/02 Can you see Auditorium entrance ??


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