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Friday Evening II
Our 50th Reunion

"If I could save time in a bottle, the first thing that I'd like to do
    I'd save every day like a treasure and spend them with you...
      ...If I could make days last forever...
         ...If words could make wishes come true...
            ...If I had a box just for wishes
                  and dreams that had never come true,
                    the box would be empty
                      except for the memory of how
                        they were answered by you... 
                        ...But there never seems to be enough time
                           to do the things you want to do
                              once you find them..." 
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And if your speakers are "on" and your volume is "up" then you'll be hearing what the following photos visually portray--- "Time in a Bottle"...

Ralph 'Punky' Stevens with Lloyd Serfling at right
Ralph 'Punky' Stevens still looking for missing York '52'ers

Bruce with Wayne, Bobbie, and Beve
Bruce Downey (center) with Wayne and Bobbi Mahood and Beve Dornoff Jellison (right corner)

Moonene with Pat
Moonene Thomas Christensen with her friend, Pat Shea Fleischman at bulletin boards

Dick Lynn of The World Bank and United Nations
Richard Lynn of The World Bank and United Nations

Duke, Bill, and Jack
Duke Weiss, Bill Bell (York '51), and Jakc Keller (York '51)

Moonene, Pat, and Joyce enjoying the evening
Moonene Thomas Christensen, Pat Shea Fleischman, and Joyce Brettman Short enjoying a moment together

Milton Lynnes asking Carroll Knight a question
Milt Lynnes asking Carroll whether he's gone back to using two hands in his golf swing.

Wayne Mahood telling a joke to Ralph Punky Stevens
Wayne Mahood telling a joke to Ralph 'Punky' Stevens

You're listening to...
 Jim Croce "Time in a Bottle"