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The Main Event VI
Our 50th Reunion

"I'm on a wheel of fortune with a twist of fate 'cause I know in the middle there's a good ol' mate..."
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And if you have your speakers turned "on" and your volume turned "up" then you're listening to the Bee Gees singing "I Don't Wanna' be Alone" in their trademark Australian falsetto style---

Moonene (York '52) & John Christensen (York '51)
Moonene and John Christensen (York '51)...'good ol' mates' for 'lo these many years !

Jean and Pat Lira enjoying the evening
Jean and Pat Lira enjoying the evening with other 'good ol' mates'

'Ned' Peter Baugh, our MC for the evening
And who is this handsome guy ? Why it's our MC for the evening--'Ned' Peter Baugh