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Neighborhood walks
Our 50th Reunion

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"This Old House"... Although not a "scheduled" reunion activity,  I took a walk through some old neighborhoods for the purpose of taking some photos of our classmates' old houses.  I didn't get very far...only going into three neigborhoods and even then my memory failed me and I missed Connie Wolfe Irish's house by just that...one house.  I took a photo of what I thought was Connie's old house at 398 Prairie...then I sent her that photo electronically only to find out that Connie's old house was the one next door at 396 Prairie !  Oh well, memories fail us all at times, but here is my set of three "This Old House(s) " anyway.  And if anyone else took pictures of their old house, please send me your "This Old House" pictures and we'll post them right here...   Bruce Downey, York '52 crow@vt.edu       

Ken Jones'  'This Old House' at 179 Grace Street
Ken Jones' house on Grace Street in October, 2002

'This Old House' at 398 Prairie---or was it 396 ?
Connie Wolfe Irish's house on Prairie Ave in October, 2002

Bruce Downey's 'This Old House' at 198 Hawthorne
Bruce Downey's house on Hawthorne Ave. in October, 2002

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