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York Tour II
Our 50th Reunion

It was raining as we dashed into York H.S. for our luncheon date and tour of York, so when it came time to leave someone was heard to say, "Don't let the rain come down..."  

Dick Leonard & Ursula Lane with Ralph looking away
Dick Leonard and Ursula Lane with Ralph Lane looking away

Lois Rank & Carolyne across from Dawn and Beve
Lois Rank and Carolyne Larson Jordan across from Dawn Benson Corley and Beve Dornoff Jellison

Beve Dornoff Jellison with Lorna and Bob Golseth
Beve Dornoff Jellison with Lorna and Bob Golseth

Duke Weiss looking on at PatO'Neill Boyd et al...

Leaving York...very carefully in photo below are---Top step: Darlene Knight, Sandra Baugh, Audrey Crumpton, Bert Robins, and Jim Dunham.  On stairs: Joyce Palmer Durham, Ann Gustafson Jervis, Bob Golseth, and Jane Whitney Robins.  Looking towards her right at bottom of stairs is Lorna Golseth.

Leaving York...very carefully

<<< Duke Weiss still waiting to get in !
Duke Weiss (center with back to us) hoping to be the last to go back to class !

On the bus...Carolyne and Beve with Ronnie behind
On the bus---Carolyne Larson Jordan and Beve Dornoff Jellison with Ronnie Robel sitting behind them

Joyce Hartley Anderson enjoying the moment
Joyce Hartley Anderson enjoying every moment of this !

DawnBensonCorley,BevDornoffJellison &Lorna Golseth
In foreground (L to R): Dawn Benson Corley, Beverly Dornoff Jellison (standing) and Lorna Golseth

If your speakers are "on" and your volume is "up" then you're listening to...
The Serendipity Singers "Don't let the rain come down"