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Saturday Golf I

Our 50th Reunion

And when you're playing in a golf tournament, "Stayin' Alive" is everything.  So here are a few of the gang that know what "Stayin' Alive" is all about...
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And if your speakers are "on" and your volume is "up" then you'll be listening to some of this "Stayin' Alive" music ------that is so evident in the photos that follow...
The York H.S., Class of 1952 Golf Tournament was arranged by Lloyd Serfling and Bruce Carlson.  Thanks, guys.

All of the photographs presented on this screen are from the "Lloyd Serfling Collection..."

The nineteenth hole
That's Bob Golseth talking with Kenny Eichenberger...as if you didn't already know. !

Another view of the nineteenth hole
More 19th hole revelry as all eyes are focused on Doris Strickland Collins

Bruce Johnson with buddies, Carroll, Bob, and Ken
That's Bruce Johnson talking about his great shot at the 16th hole

Where Colorado meets Iowa without Nebraska
That's Barbara Allen Drews with her 'Colorado shades' talking with Dick Peterson of Iowa

'Stayin' Alive' and enjoying every minute of it !
Now here's a group that's 'Stayin' Alive' and enjoying every minute of it !

Who are these two 'masked men' ?
Who are these two 'masked men' ? ---I think they're Jack Langille and Peter Anderson

And is this Greta Garbo or Dawn Benson Corley ?
And is this Greta Garbo or Dawn Benson Corley ?

Getting their 'game' together
A wee bit of Carroll Knight (if that's possible) with Bob Golseth (center) & Ken Eichenberger(right)

You're listening to...
 Bee Gees "Stayin' Alive"