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The Morning After III
Our 50th Reunion

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"I pray you'll be alright...
Charlotte Church with Josh Groban            ...to watch us where we go...
"The Prayer"                                                         ...to tell us to be wise...
                                                                         ...in times when we don't know.
                                                       ...Let this be our prayer...
                                                           ...as we go away---"
"Lead us to a place,                  "Lead us to a place,
 guide us with Your Grace,           guide us with Your Grace
 to a place where we'll be safe."    give us faith so we'll be safe."


The "least changed' and still such a big guy, he's kneeling on the floor next to a seated Beve Dornoff Jellison and Audrey Crumpton !

Peter, Duke, and Chuck
Peter Sonderegger (left),still thinking about that joke Duke Weiss (ctr) just told to Chuck Bergmann

L to R: Bert, Jane, and Jerry
Jane Whitney Robins, flanked by husband, Bert (left) and Jerry Wheeler (right)

Ann Gustafson Jervis in a very pensive moment
Ann Gustafson Jervis
while (in the background) Wayne Mahood tells Pat Lira...'Well, that's just the way it is !!!'

A beautiful story, Ralph, that needs retelling...
Ursula and Ralph Lane...two beautiful people
Ralph and Ursula Lane retelling their first words to one another when they first met in Germany.

Carolyne Larson Jordan & Phyllis Palmer Durham
Carolyne and Phyllis
And isn't this just a great picture of two beautiful young ladies---Carolyne and Phyllis together

Jim Dunham with Mary Wheeler  looking on
Jim Dunham laughing at Duke's last joke with Mary Wheeler looking on.

Phyllis Palmer Durham with Bert Robins
Phyllis Palmer Durham in a serious discussion with Bert Robins

Joan Myers Nicklas with ???
Joan Myers Niklas (right) with ??? (left)---that's a great smile, Joan, and don't you ever lose it

Bruce Downey
Bruce Downey---caught in between sentences !