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Our 50th Reunion


"And the seasons...they go round and round...painted ponies go up and down...we're kept upon the carousel of time..."

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"Yesterday...a child came out to wonder
Tom Rush                                                  ...and caught a dragonfly inside a jar
"The Circle Game"                                       ...fearful when the skies were full of thunder
                                                                      ...and tearful at the falling of a star."

"We can't determ' ---we can only look behind from where we came ... and go round and round ... in the circle game"

Table 1

Table above--Seated L to R: Moonene (Thomas) Christensen and John Christensen, York '51, Pat (Shea) Fleischman and Ralph Fleischman. Standing L to R: Carolyne (Larson) Jordan, Bruce Downey, Joyce (Brettmann) Short, Rosamond (Cada) Primas, Thomas Burrows, and Paul Primas 

"And the seasons ... they go round and round ..."

Table 2

Table above--Seated L to R: George Pusch, Marlene and Jim Dunham, and Ralph Stevens. Standing L to R: Dick Boller, Phebe (Ernst) Husek, Pat (O'Neill) Boyd, Madeline (Miehlich) Berg, Janet and Ron Reimer 

"... painted ponies ... they go up and down ... and the seasons ... they go round and round ... in the circle game ..."

Table 3

Table above--Seated L to R: Joanne (Buehring) Brehm, Reta (Hamrock) Damiani, Ron and Betty (Milliren) Roberts. Standing L to R: Reta's sister, Janice (Hamrock) Kastholm, York '48, Ann (Gustafson) Jervis, Phyllis (Palmer) Durham, Joyce (Peterhans) Shreffler, Joanne (Aue) Warner, and Audrey Crumpton. 

"... and promises that someday make history ... in the circle game ..."

Table 4

Table above--Seated L to R: Arlene and Dick Turchi, Sandra and (Ned) Peter Baugh. Standing L to R: Fred and Kay (Wilson) Bosselman, Shirley (Piepol) and Peter Sonderegger, Bobbi and Wayne Mahood. 

"... sixteen springs and sixteen summers gone now ... and the cartwheels, they turn to carwheels through the town ..."

Table 5

Table above--Seated L to R: Jane (Swanson) Keller and Jack Keller (York '51), Fran (Prosek) McMurray (York '51) and Bill Melhorn (York '51). Standing L to R: Daniel and Mary (Roth) Czubak, Duke Weiss, Charlene (Lukes) Baker, Anna (Cohan) Horne and Robert Horne. 

"And the seasons ... they go round and round ... in the circle game ..."

Table 6

Table above--Seated L to R: Chuck and Irene (Morgan) Bergmann, and Dawn (Benson) Corley and Skip Corley. Standing L to R: Jerry and Mary Wheeler, Doris (Strickland) Collins and Ed Collins, and Betty (Bright) Serfling and Lloyd Serfling. 

"... we're kept on the carousel of time ... in the circle game ..."

Table 7

Table above--Seated L to R: Ralph and Ursula Lane, Ronald Robel, and Marjorie (Wiegand) Macris. Standing L to R: Dave and Carol (Lecture) Schaidler, and Dick and Carol (Ritzmann) Leonard. 

"...and go round and round ..."

Table 8

Table above--Seated L to R: Barbara Eichenberger, Bob Golseth, Chris Carlson, and Ken Eichenberger. Standing L to R: Carol Lynnes, Lorna Golseth, Bruce Johnson, Beverly (Dornoff) Jellison, Milton Lynnes, Bruce Carlson, and Carol Johnson. 

SPECIAL OFFER FROM Paul Primas, husband of Rosamond Cada Primas.  Paul's own e-mail address is at photoonmug@hotmail.com
One of Paul's hobbies is putting photographs on mugs.  Paul sent me a "photo-on-mug" of our Table-by-Table picture with the inscription: " York High School 50th Reunion Table # 1" ---because ours was the very first table to be published at our website above.  My "photo on mug" is just beautiful...a cherished memento of a 'once-in-a-lifetime' event.  I asked Paul if he would do the same for other classmates, and he said he would.  So here's how to get your own "photo on mug"...

"I can make a mug and ship to anywhere in the USA for a total price of $10.00.  Classmates can send any photo to me (1104 E. Darby Place, Springfield, MO 65810) and I will scan it and make the mug and also return the photo to you.  I also will put writing on the mug such as a name and/or date.  Just tell me what you would like on it and which side you want the photo on---a right hand drinker or left hand drinker."
Paul Primas, November, 2002
"... in the circle game ..."
The ninth table-by-table picture goes here---just send it to me.